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The Baleno makes an impression with its versatility. The practical hatchback is your ideal companion to drive through the multitude of exciting moments you live every day. The car comes with stunning design, which makes you the centre of attention, at every turn and corner. And there’s more to the car than just good looks. It’s also equipped with a host of features that combine practicality and performance to make your drive delightful. With the Baleno, there’s so much to experience.

Hop in and live it all.

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Baleno Available Colours

Colour Options

    Baleno colour Axess
    Metallic Granite Grey
    Baleno Suzuki  Mangalore Colour
    Metallic Magna Grey
    Suzuki Solid Superior White Colour
    Pearl Arctic White
    Suzuki Prime Autumn Orange Colour
    Prime Autumn Orange
    Suzuki Prime Midnight Black
    Prime Midnight Black




    The Baleno is not just about outer beauty. As you enter the car you’ll notice that its elegant and urbane styling extends into the interior of the car. Its cabin is lined with high quality silver ornaments (GLX, GL), which add a touch of sophistication, leaving you spellbound.

    Ample leg and shoulder room
    355L* luggage space
    Advanced multi-information display



    The Baleno is an exceptional performer. It’s not surprising why. Every part of the car is equipped to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. That’s why when you take it for a drive, it’s always an extraordinary experience.


    Features Cruise control Enjoy the convenience of cruise control system (GLX) by keeping the car moving at a set-speed, reducing driver effort during long-distance drives.
    Engine 1.4L engine Under the hood of the Baleno lies its source of energy for high performance – a 1.4L engine. Designed to deliver maximum energy eff iciency, the engine delivers strong power, while ensuring fuel efficiency. The intake VVT, cylinder head and piston crowns are designed to boost fuel economy, which is enhanced by a great aerodynamic body.
    Safety Occupant-protective SRS airbag system & Rear parking sensors To protect not only the driver but also the front-seat passenger, both the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat come standard with SRS airbags. Furthermore, curtain and side airbags (GLX) help reduce further impact for enhanced safety. Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles and issues audio-visual warning to the driver