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1. Why has the periodic service interval changed?

We have been authorized to move the periodic service interval to 15,000kms or yearly.

2. I’m an existing Suzuki owner, what is my next periodic service interval?

Your periodic service interval is at 15,000kms or 1 year from the last service intervention/ registration date. Please refer to below chart to check your current vehicle mileage and confirm the next recommended periodic mileage:

Current MileageNext periodic Service Interval Mileage*
1,000 - 9,990 15,000
10,100 - 29,990 30,000
30,100 - 39,990 45,000
40,100 - 59,990 60,000
60,100 - 69,990 75,000
70,100 - 89,990 90,000
90,100 - 99,990 105,000
100,100 - 109,990 120,000

*or 1 year from date of your last service

3. How much will my service cost?

Each service may vary according to the mileage interval, according the recommendations on replacing and cleaning of serviceable components. Please contact our planning department at 206 4300 for more information.

4. Why should I service my vehicle at the recommended periodic service intervals or annually?

Regular checkups of your vehicle ensure that your Suzuki runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. Through servicing, malfunctions or irregularities are detected before they turn into potentially expensive repairs.

Additionally, servicing of your Suzuki helps to maximize its resale value.

5. What are the benefits of using Genuine Suzuki Parts?

Genuine Suzuki Parts are designed, manufactured and tested on the full range of Suzuki vehicles. Fitted by our specially trained Suzuki technicians, the superior quality of our Suzuki Genuine Parts provides the greatest reliability and performance. All our Genuine Parts are competitively priced and meet the high quality standards of Suzuki.

6. What happens if I missed one of my services?

Missed services will affect your vehicle's warranty. It is important that the servicing schedule is returned to normal as soon as possible.

7. Where can I get my Suzuki serviced?

Our service centre is located at Bagatelle MotorCity.

8. What is the Suzuki Service Plan?

In line with the Suzuki’s established international standards, the Suzuki Service plan is a complete service package that provides a comprehensive health check for your vehicle at each one of your servicing intervals. This plan mandates a cost-effective yet thorough verification of your Suzuki vehicle every 15,000kms or at least once yearly, whichever comes first.

9. What is covered by the Suzuki Service Plan?

The Service Plan covers the below:

  1. Accessory Belt
  2. Air Filter
  3. Air-conditioning Belt
  4. Brake Fluid
  5. Car Wash
  6. Clim Net
  7. Engine Oil
  8. Fuel Filter (where applicable)
  9. Oil filter
  10. Oil Sump Gasket
  11. Pollen Filter
  12. Radiator Coolant
  13. Sparks Plugs / Glow Plugs (whichever applicable)
  14. Wiper Washer Fluid
  15. Sundries

For a detailed overview of the components of the Service plan for each one of our models, please contact us here.

10. What is not included in the Suzuki Service Plan?

The Suzuki Service Plan excludes all costs to be incurred in case of repairs and any consequent parts purchase and labour costs relating to such repairs. For more information on the inclusions and exclusions of your service plan, please contact us here.

11. Is the Suzuki Service Plan eligible for all car models?

A Suzuki Service Plan is available for all Suzuki models commercialized by Axess Limited.

12. I bought my Suzuki some years ago, can I still buy a Suzuki Service Plan?

You can purchase your Suzuki Service Plan upfront when purchasing your new Suzuki or within the first year of purchasing your new vehicle. Beyond this one year mark, your vehicle shall no longer be eligible for our service plan. However, you shall still be able to service your car at Axess Limited.

13. From when exactly is my Suzuki Servicing valid?

Your Suzuki servicing period begins as from the registration date of your vehicle.

14. For how long does the Suzuki Service Plan cover my vehicle?

Your standard Service Plan covers your vehicle for a period of up to 120,000kms.

15. Can I tailor my service plan?

If you require a service plan for a shorter period of time or smaller mileage, we have different mileage packages available, as from 50,000km, for you to choose from.

16. When do I pay for my Suzuki Service Plan?

You can pay for your Suzuki Service Plan upfront, either upon purchase of your new vehicle or within the first year of purchasing your new vehicle.

Please be informed that your service plan’s validity will take effect only post full payment of same.

17. Who should service my car?

Undertaking any services outside the official after-sales Suzuki distributor (Axess Limited) will automatically terminate your vehicle warranty. At Axess Limited, we strive to ensure all technicians are trained at the highest brand standards using the latest diagnostic equipment.

18. Is my Service Plan still valid if I service my car at another service center during the servicing period? / Can I service my car at another service center?

If, at any time during the servicing period of your Service Plan, you service your car at another service center other than that of Axess Limited, your warranty and service plan will be void.


19. How can I book my servicing?

For a swift and efficient booking of your vehicle’s servicing, we advise you to do so directly on our website by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can email us at

20. What happens when I book a servicing?

Our Servicing Team shall then check availability for servicing of your vehicle on the date and time you chose. Our team shall next mail you a booking confirmation for your car’s next servicing or advise you of the next available date for servicing should we be fully booked for the chosen date and time.

21. What happens if my estimated annual mileage increases beyond the figure I provided when I bought my plan within my service plan validity period?

If you exceed your mileage beyond what your service plan stipulates, it will be deemed that your service plan is fulfilled. You can contact Axess Limited to check your eligibility for another service plan. Such requests are considered on a case to case basis.

22. Can I cancel my Suzuki Service Plan?

Once purchased, your Suzuki Service Plan cannot be cancelled.

23. What happens if I sell my vehicle? / Can I transfer my service plan to the new owner when I sell my Suzuki?

Should you sell your vehicle, your service plan is transferrable to the new vehicle owner, subject to warranty not being void (please refer to FAQ 14). The responsibility of notifying Axess Limited of any such update of information rests with either the previous owner or the new owner and should be done within 30 days from date of transfer of ownership through email at A copy of the updated horsepower should be mailed to Axess Limited at the aforementioned email address.

24. Do I still need to service my car even if my mileage is low?

Even if you don't drive often or over long distances, as per the manufacturer’s established international standards, you still should service your vehicle regularly to ensure that your Suzuki continues to operate optimally and efficiently. Additionally, regular servicing is required because certain parts are more impacted by time than by kilometers covered. For example, oil lasts for a certain period of time only, especially if you are covering short distances and often using your brakes.

25. What happens if an irregularity is spotted during your servicing and same needs reparation?

If, during your servicing, we earmark a required repair or change of parts, we will notify you of same, provide you a quote for the repairs and proceed with the repair only upon your consent. Please note that any such repairs shall bear an additional cost and is not inclusive in the service plan package.

For more information, please consult your After-sales representative.

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