Suzuki 7-year warranty

You're covered from the moment you take delivery of your new Suzuki.

Every new Suzuki at Axess comes with a warranty that covers 7 years or 150 000 km (whichever comes first). It's a unique and clear commitment to ensuring you benefit from the highest standards in car manufacturing. It also demonstrates our confidence in the quality of every component of your Suzuki.

From 1st August 2022, all our models are covered with a 7-year warranty, also transferable: reselling your Suzuki within the warranty period, and the new owner will also benefit from the remaining time or mileage.

Enjoy 150,000 km of fun, 150,000 km of adventures, 150,000 km of driving pleasure, excitement... Not to mention 150,000 km of lower running costs and peace of mind!

Find the full terms & conditions or your Suzuki Warranty in your service booklet, which you'll find in the glove box of your car.


  • Suzuki cars are built according to the highest automotive industry manufacturing standards. It’s this quality that gives Axess the confidence to offer a longer new car cover.
  • The warranty is transferable to later owners. This means a 3-year-old Suzuki will still have the remaining warranty longer than many of our competitor’s new cars.
  • Cost of maintaining your car will be lower with this generous offer and resale value is likely to be higher.

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