Suzuki Service Plans A complete service package that provides a comprehensive health check for your vehicle at each one of your servicing intervals


Underpinned by our commitment to accompany you all along your Suzuki journey, our Suzuki Service Plan ensures that your post-purchase experience is as seamless as has been your purchase experience.

Our complete service plan ensures that your car is serviced every 15,000 kms or at least once yearly to optimise its performance and ensure a safe driving experience. Our trained technicians are committed to service your vehicle as per the highest international standards established by the manufacturer and only Suzuki Genuine Parts are used for the repairs.

What’s best is that we have different mileage packages and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Moreover, because your payment plan is based on your own car and the number of kilometers you expect to drive each year, you know that you’re paying the right amount for you.

Choose to protect yourself with our Suzuki Service Plan before your first service at 15,000 kms or 1 year from your vehicle registration, applicable to all new vehicles registered as from 1st October 2020, with a retroactive effect for up to a year.

What is the Suzuki Service Plan?

In line with the Suzuki’s established international standards, the Suzuki Service plan is a complete service package that provides a comprehensive health check for your vehicle at each one of your servicing intervals. This plan mandates a cost-effective yet thorough verification of your Suzuki vehicle every 15,000 kms or at least once yearly, whichever comes first.

What is covered by the Suzuki Service Plan?

The Service Plan covers the below:

  • Accessory Belt
  • Air Filter
  • Air-conditioning Belt
  • Brake Fluid
  • Car Wash
  • Clim Net
  • Engine Oil
  • Fuel Filter (where applicable)
  • Oil filter
  • Oil Sump Gasket
  • Pollen Filter
  • Radiator Coolant
  • Sparks Plugs / Glow Plugs (whichever applicable)
  • Wiper Washer Fluid

How much does the Service plan cost?

The cost of your service plan varies from Rs. 0.30/km to Rs. 0.51/km, VAT inclusive, depending on the Suzuki model. For an overview of the pricing of our models, please refer to the below table for a standard service plan of 120,000 kms.

ModelPrice incl. VAT

Alto Rs. 35,950

S-Presso Rs. 41,500

Rs. 38,500

Rs. 36,500

Rs. 41,950

Rs. 40,500

Rs. 42,500

Rs. 47,750

JimnyRs. 49,900

Rs. 61,750

Rs. 44,500

How can I book my servicing?

You can book your servicing directly on this page. Alternatively, you can email us at

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Where can I get my vehicle serviced?

All your servicing will be done by our
Service Center at Bagatelle Motor City.

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